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I love Mexican salsa because I can use it as a dip for my chips and as an ingredient for other dishes like casseroles, pork chops, and meatloaf. What I usually use is the jarred variety, but after trying some homemade Mexican salsa during a family dinner, I was amazed by its fresh taste. At that point, I tried to search for the best Mexican salsa recipewhich can be superior to the jarred salsa that I usually buy in supermarkets.

You might notice that there are a lot of salsa recipes that you can find online. Would you believe that I have practically tried all the recipes just to search for the best tasting salsa that I can make at home?

This one recipe that I’m going to share is the easiest that I have tried, and it tastes fresh and delicious. So put your chef hat on and follow the instructions below.

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  • What You’ll Need
  • Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Additional Tips for a Perfect Salsa
  • Try Some Mexican Salsa Today!

What You’ll Need

Roma Tomatoes

Roma tomatoesare plum tomatoes which have a firm texture and an elongated shape. They’re ideal for sauces, like salsa, because of heir grainier, but denser flesh, few seeds, and high sugar levels.

In this particular recipe, you need to roast the Roma tomatoes to yield delicious results. Aside from concentrating and caramelizing the rich flavor of these tomatoes, roasting them also offers a more meaty and robust texture. Once roasted, you’ll possibly notice the sweet and rich taste of tomatoes in your finished Mexican salsa.

Garlic Clove

Garlic adds a spicy and pungent flavor to your salsa. Since the taste of raw garlic is too strong, you only need one garlic clove for this recipe. Once processed in the blender or food processor, you’ll barely notice the garlic in the mix.


What is salsa without the hotness, right? For this recipe, you need one jalapeno, which is a medium-sized chili pepper. The hotness of this pepper ranges from moderately to very hot, depending on its color and age. The older and the brighter shade of red it becomes, the hotter it gets.

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For this recipe, you’ll need to use a milder hot flavor, so choose the younger jalapeno with a smooth, dark green color. Like the tomatoes, you’ll need to roast to make them more delicious and less harsh to the taste.

Fresh Lime Juice

You need some fresh lime juice to add a citrus taste to your salsa. Not only does it add flavor, but its acidity can also help inhibit the growthof microorganisms in the salsa mix in case you decide to store them for longer days. Although using an already manufactured lime juice is convenient, it may not be advisable for this recipe because what we’re aiming here is natural freshness.

Fresh cilantro

Cilantro gives that fresh and almost citrus-like taste into your finished salsa. You might confuse this with coriander because both refer to the same herb, but their terms may vary in different countries. If the recipe originates in the United States, cilantrorefers to the leaves and stalks while coriander refers to the seeds. If the recipe is made in the United Kingdom, the term cilantro doesn’t exist because they use coriander to refer to the herb.


To add more flavor, you need to add cumin, salt, and white pepper into the salsa mix. Cuminprovides an earthy, spicy flavor with hints of lemon and bitter flavors. You only need a bit of this in this recipe.

I usewhite pepperinstead of black pepper because it has a more lasting flavor. I also prefer it for aesthetic reasons, as black pepper seems to leave some unsightly black specks in your salsa. To prevent your salsa from tasting bland, saltis needed.

Olive Oil

You need olive oil to drizzle some on the tomatoes and jalapeno when they get roasted in the oven. Not only does the oil can prevent the vegetables from sticking to the aluminum foil, but it absorbs the seasoning nicely. You can use any cheaper olive oil because expensive extra virgin oil gets burned above 320 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Knife is essential in cutting the tomatoes and jalapeno in half. You also need it for chopping the onion, smashing the garlic, and cutting the lime in half. Use any sharp knife you have in your kitchen.

Cutting Board

For sanitation purposes, you need a good cutting board to serve as the place where you cut the tomatoes, jalapenos, and lime. You can use any available cutting board you have at home, but it’s preferable to use a bamboo cutting boardbecause it’s eco-friendly and antimicrobial.

Baking Sheet

You might need a baking sheetto serve as the container for your tomatoes and jalapeno during the roasting process in the oven. Make sure that the size is large enough to hold all your tomatoes and jalapeno because you don’t want to roast them in batches, do you?

Aluminum Foil

To wrap your baking sheet cleanly, you need aluminum foil. The aluminum foil will serve as a cushion between the surface of the baking sheet and the vegetables. This can help prevent your vegetables from sticking directly to the baking sheet after they come out from the oven.

Food Processor

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To puree your ingredients in a chunky texture, you need a food processor. Any brand will do just make sure that the capacity of the bowl is enough to hold all your ingredients. Above 6-cup capacity may be suited for this recipe.


If blender is all you have, you can use it as an alternative for a food processor. Like a food processor, a blender has the ability to puree vegetables, but in a smoother texture. A high-speed blendermay be desired since you’ll be using less liquid for this one. To mix the salsa ingredients well, use one-second pulses.


Use any spoon you have in your kitchen to take a taste test for your salsa mix. Right before you make the final puree, taste the salsa mix to get the right estimate for seasonings. You don’t want to use your fingers to take a taste, do you?

Bowl for Serving

For your finished salsa, you need a bowl to serve as the container. After the salsa ingredients are thoroughly pureed into desired consistency, you need to pour it into the serving bowl of your choice. You can use any bowl you have in your kitchen.

Citrus Juice Squeezer (optional)

If you have a citrus juice squeezeravailable in your kitchen, you can put this into good use when squeezing some juice from a lime. Do the juice squeezing directly above the bowl of the food processor to mix it well with the rest of the ingredients.

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Step-by-Step Instructions

This Mexican salsa recipe is adapted from this video, so you can go ahead and watch to get a good reference.

1. Prepare your ingredients

For this particular recipe, you need these ingredients:


  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1 jalapeno
  • 1 lime
  • 1/2 medium red onion
  • 5 Roma tomatoes
  • A handful of fresh cilantro
  • Seasonings (cumin, salt, and white pepper)
  • Olive oil

To start, wash the tomatoes, jalapeno, and cilantro under running tap water to remove any traces of dirt and dust. Let them dry. Using a knife and a cutting board, cut the tomatoes in halves. For the jalapeno, cut it lengthwise and remove the seeds.

For the onion, peel and chop roughly into pieces. Using the side surface of the knife, smash the garlic and discard the skin.

2. Roast the tomatoes and jalapeno

Line your baking sheet with aluminum foil, just as how it’s shown in this video

On an aluminum foil-covered baking sheet, lay the tomatoes and jalapeno in rows. Season them with salt and cumin and drizzle with a bit of olive oil. In a preheated oven of 375 degrees Fahrenheit, roast the tomatoes and jalapeno for about 55 minutes.

3. Add ingredients into a food processor

After the tomatoes and jalapeno are roasted, transfer them to the food processor. Follow with the onions, garlic, and cilantro. Before you squeeze the lime, roll it on a flat surface to squeeze as much juice as you can. If you opt to use a manual citrus squeezer, cut the lime in half and squeeze out the juice directly into the food processor.

4. Puree to desired consistency

As all the ingredients are added into the food processor or blender, cover and pulse four times. With a spoon, taste the mixture and season according to taste with salt, cumin, and white pepper. You may also add a bit of lime juice to make the taste more fresh and flavorful.

Cover again and puree until desired consistency. To have some texture, don’t puree the mixture too much.

5. Serve and enjoy

Transfer the finished salsa into a bowl or plate and serve it as a dip for your tortilla chips. You can also enjoy this fresh-tasting salsa in many main-course dishes, like ground beef casserole, pork chop steaks, and black bean soup.

Additional Tips for a Perfect Salsa

1. Finely chopped firm ingredients

Author and culinary arts teacher James Petersonsuggests chopping the firm ingredients very finely. Several ingredients that you need to chop finely include chiles, garlic, and onions. For softer ingredients, like tomatoes, you can prepare them coarsely. If you want a chunky textured salsa, use a food processor, but if you want it smooth, use a blender.

2. Use your hand to dice the onion

If you don’t want the flavor of onions to overpower the taste of your salsa, All Recipesrecommends dicing your onion by hand, that is to use a knife skillfully. When you toss the onion into the food processor, its juices will be released resulting in a stronger taste.

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Try Some Mexican Salsa Today!

Have you enjoyed reading and following the steps in making this Mexican salsa recipe? Thanks for this recipe, I can now create my own and set myself free from my previous dependence on jarred salsa. Aside from fresh ingredients, remember to use a good food processor.or a high-speed blender.

If you have something to share, please don’t hesitate to post them in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share this wonderful salsa recipe with your family and friends.



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