13 Towns in The Northern United States that Have the Best Main Streets (2023)

13 Towns in The Northern United States that Have the Best Main Streets (1)

The North American continent is abode to some of the most pleasing towns with attractive boulevards that give a view of a past era. These towns are famous for attractive boutiques, snug bistros, and venerable edifices that have withstood the test of time. If you are in search of a holiday break or a journey venture, these 13 towns have the top main streets and are worth visiting. From Traverse City, Michigan, to Stowe, Vermont, every place has unique characteristics that are worth exploring.

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Traverse City, Michigan

13 Towns in The Northern United States that Have the Best Main Streets (2)

Traverse City, Michigan is a delightful hamlet sited on the banks of Lake Michigan's Grand Traverse Bay. The city is famous for its marvelous beaches, spectacular sundowns, and lovely downtown. Traverse City's main street, Front Street, is full of one-of-a-kind stores, art galleries, and eateries. Tourists can take a tranquil saunter down the boulevard and relish the gorgeous architecture and brilliant storefronts. One of the highlights of Traverse City is the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, located a short drive away. The park boasts lofty sand dunes that give amazing vistas of Lake Michigan. Travelers can also trek through the park's woodlands, plunge into the crystalline waters, and savor a picnic on the shore.

Geneva, Illinois

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Geneva, Illinois, is a delightful community situated on the Fox River, in the vicinity of Chicago. The town is famous for its traditional construction, alluring stores, and scrumptious eateries. Geneva's fundamental road, Third Street, is jam-packed with special boutiques, vintage shops, and art exhibition halls. Guests can take a relaxed promenade along the road and admire the lovely engineering and diverse facades. One of the features of Geneva is the Fox River Trail, a picturesque bicycling trail that runs along the river. Visitors can rent a bicycle and investigate the town and encompassing zone on two wheels. The town is additionally home to many lovely stops, including Island Park and Wheeler Park.

Decorah, Iowa

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Decorah, Iowa, is an idyllic village ensconced in the hilly terrain of Northeastern Iowa. The city is famous for its picturesque atmosphere, recreational amusements, and enlivened center. Decorah's main boulevard, Water Street, has many antique edifices, one-of-a-kind boutiques, and delicious eateries around. Vacationers can take an unhurried ramble along the lane and experience the exquisite architecture and vivacious storefronts. One of the main attractions of Decorah is the Decorah Bald Eagles, a duo of eagles that have nested in the vicinity for many years. Voyagers can observe the eagles on a real-time webcam or embark on a conducted tour to watch them at close range. The town also serves as the house of several lovely parks, including Phelps Park and Dunnings Spring Park.

Stowe, Vermont

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Snuggled amidst the Green Mountains of Vermont, Stowe is a picturesque township that provides guests with an ideal combination of natural beauty, exterior endeavors, and an alluring main street. The town's main street, also referred to as the Mountain Road, has many enchanting boutiques, eateries, and cafes, making it a perfect place for those who adore food and shopping. Stowe is also a host to a multitude of outdoor activities, comprising trekking, canoeing, and angling. The town has many miles of hiking trails around and is the site of the gorgeous Moss Glen Falls. Visitors can also take a picturesque tour of the Smugglers' Notch State Park, which furnishes striking views of the neighboring mountains. With its impressive natural allure, superior outdoor activities, and captivating main street, Stowe is a must-visit location for anyone searching for a perfect New England experience.

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Stillwater, Minnesota

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Stillwater, next to the Twin Cities, is a time-honored town with an alluring main street that is overflowing with unusual stores, eateries, and taverns. The downtown region is set alongside the St. Croix River, giving marvelous vistas and a laid-back ambiance. The village has a long chronicle, and visitors can learn about it by visiting the many museums and old-time landmarks situated in the district. One of the major draws in Stillwater is the lift bridge, which crosses the St. Croix River and links Minnesota to Wisconsin. Tourists can travel or cycle across the bridge and take in the grandstand views of the river and immediate area. The city is also abode to copious parks and paths, rendering it a wonderful destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Featuring its spectacular scenery, storied past, and animated downtown sector, Stillwater is an obligatory visit for anybody on the hunt for a fetching small-town experience.

Hudson, Ohio

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Situated in the Northeastern corner of Ohio, Hudson is an inviting community that provides much to appreciate. Its antique downtown area is a must-view for anyone who is touring the region. With more than one hundred different retail stores, eateries, and businesses, there's something for everyone in Hudson. The city's Main Street has many gorgeous 19th-century structures, many of which transformed and restored to their classic magnificence. Tourists can take an unaided trek of the city to view these edifices and understand Hudson's noteworthy past. Hudson also has a selection of parks and natural regions, such as Hudson Springs Park and Cascade Park, which offer top-notch possibilities for hill walking, fishing, and other outdoor entertainment. The city is near the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, which presents an idyllic drive through the park's wooded valleys, undulating hills, and along the Cuyahoga River.

Exeter, New Hampshire

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Perched in the core of New Hampshire's seaside region, Exeter is an idyllic borough boasting a substantial past. Its Main Street is an ideal illustration of the town's allure and idiosyncrasy. The main street is famous for ancient buildings, many of which go back to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. One of the best attractions of Exeter's Main Street is the Water Street Bookstore. This self-directed shop has been a feature in the municipality for over a quarter of a century and is an absolute must for any bibliophile. The store proposes a comprehensive range of books, alongside gifts, cards, and other commodities. The hamlet also has various parks and natural spaces, incorporating the Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge and the Exeter River, offering open doors for sailing, fishing, and trekking. Exeter is also a short drive from the ocean, where voyagers can explore beaches and sea towns like Portsmouth.

Northampton, Massachusetts

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Northampton, Massachusetts rests in the soul of the Pioneer Valley. Northampton's principal road is a dynamic concentration of energy, with a variety of markets, eateries, and diversion spots. One of the most celebrated areas in the downtown area is the Academy of Music Theatre. The Manhan Rail Trail is another visited fascination in Northampton. This 9-mile track pursues the path of the past Boston and Maine Railroad and offers views of the Mill River and encompassing woods. The trail is available to people on foot, cyclists, and cross-country skiers, making it a great alternative for season-long recreation. The other prominent attraction in the region is the Mount Tom State Reservation, which offers climbing trails and remarkable perspectives on the Connecticut River Valley. Guests can likewise take a plunge in the recreation center's assigned swimming region, which locates close to the recreation center's cookout region. Northampton's mix of open-air recreational openings, memorable landmarks, and lively downtown make it an exceptional and energizing goal for sightseers to the Northern United States.

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Galena, Illinois

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Galena is a legendary town located in northwestern Illinois, famed for its lush 19th-century edifices and attractive principal street. The metropolis' chief lane, renowned as Galena's Historic District, houses over 100 traditional constructions, containing the Galena Museum, which displays the burgh's opulent past. Tourists can take a guided trek through the district to find out more about the hamlet's edifications and background. Aside from its ancient region, Galena is also the habitat of various singular stores and dining establishments. Vacationers can shop antiques and self-made goods at the Galena Marketplace or revel in local vintages at the Galena Cellars Vineyard and Winery. Amateurs of the open air can have fun with hiking, biking, and skiing at proximal parks.

Red Wing, Minnesota

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Settled on the banks of the Mississippi River, Red Wing is an attractive village in southeast Minnesota. The village's chief street, known as the St. James Hotel Historic District, houses numerous well-preserved ancient edifices, including the St. James Hotel, which has welcomed travelers since 1875. Tourists to Red Wing can participate in an array of outdoor activities, including rambling and cycling on the close Cannon Valley Trail or examining the Mississippi River by watercraft. One of the most common attractions in Red Wing is Barn Bluff, a prominent escarpment that overlooks the village and the Mississippi River. Sightseers can trek to the summit of the bluff for marvelous views of the environs. The town too possesses many parks and footpaths alongside the Mississippi River, including Colvill Park and Bay Point Park.

East Aurora, New York

13 Towns in The Northern United States that Have the Best Main Streets (12)

Found external Buffalo, East Aurora is an attractive community deemed for its aesthetic air and customary main thoroughfare. The town's principal passage, referred to as Main Street, houses many distinct stores and eateries, as well as the Roycroft Campus, a National Historic Site that was one time a meeting place for the American Arts and Crafts Movement. Guests to East Aurora can investigate the Roycroft Campus to gain more information about the past of the Arts and Crafts Movement or take an amble along Main Street to shop the many art galleries and boutiques. The town also has the Aurora Theatre, a renewed cinema that shows both vintage and modern flicks.

Cedarburg, Wisconsin

13 Towns in The Northern United States that Have the Best Main Streets (13)

Nestled a little up north of Milwaukee lies the picturesque hamlet of Cedarburg, renowned for its traditional architecture and rustic allure. Washington Avenue, the main boulevard in Cedarburg, harbors a plethora of conserved edifices from ages past, including the Cedar Creek Settlement - an assembly of refurbished 19th-century buildings housing eateries and stores. When visiting Cedarburg, one can go for a promenade to discover its account or browse the diverse number of art galleries and shops along Washington Avenue. Festivals and jamborees take place throughout the year in the town, such as the Strawberry Festival and the Wine and Harvest Festival. Cedarburg may be a small town in America but there are lots of things to offer.

Holland, Michigan

13 Towns in The Northern United States that Have the Best Main Streets (14)

Nestled on the eastern edge of Lake Michigan, Holland is a lovely village that offers a lot. It is famous for its Dutch roots and stunning beaches. 8th Street, the main street of the town, is full of unique stores and eateries along with the Holland Museum which showcases the narrative of the municipality's Dutch settlers. Tourists to Holland can explore the copious parks and seashores beside Lake Michigan or take a stroll through the municipality's historical quarter to appreciate the preserved Victorian architecture. The village moreover hosts a variety of festivals and activities throughout the year, comprising the Tulip Time Festival, which is an homage to the municipality's Dutch heritage through parades, music, and dancing. One of the most popular festivities in Holland is the Tulip Time Festival, which transpires yearly in May. This observance salutes the village's Dutch ancestry with parades, music, and dancing.

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The 13 towns in the northern USA that boast the most impressive main streets offer a special combination of picturesque landscapes, antiquity, and charisma that render them different from other towns. Each town boasts its attractions, for example, lakes, rivers, mountains, and state parks that provide tourists with the chance to appreciate the great outdoors. The main streets in these towns also harbor a profusion of singular stores, art galleries, and eateries that show the town's temperament and appeal. Whether you're wishing to relish the great outdoors, probe into the town's history, or meander along an adorable main street, these towns earmarked here have something for everyone. So why not plan a tour and uncover what makes these towns some of the top in the northern US?


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